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Black Vote Not Up for Grabs

Black Vote Not Up for Grabs

Once again the fate of a nation falls to the segment of our population that has been most left out of the positive turn in our economy.  Once again we are about to see a turning point in the history of this country.  Will majority continue to rule or are we loosing that concept to the rich and powerful.  This election will allow us all to stand together and answer that question, once and for all.  The answer is here if we are able to pay attention and focus our collective energies in the same direction.  This is not about President Obama, it is not about Hilary Clinton, it is not about Donald Trump, it is about the country and the way to free ourselves from the shackles that the Republican party placed on the Obama administration is to replace them.  If they are not replaced they will simple do the same thing to Hilary Clinton.

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