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About 2020

Welcome to the starting run to election day, 2020 in the coming year it will be a critical year for the future of our country, perhaps more than any other time in the history of this country.  We have been working to research and compile information that will help people find out where and how to register and vote early.   We look forward to sharing this information with anyone interested in the hope’s of helping people exercise their franchise.

Just to remind you of our reason for launching this campaign.  In the coming election of  20120nd let our voices be heard.  After the way the first African American President has been faced with steadfast opposition to the will of the people by a minority group of politicians that think they are some how going to win something by apposing everything this president attempted to do.  The end result is incomplete work across the board and less success than were possible and unhappy people across the country that were expecting more, however, the complete and absolute opposition to everything the president has attempted to get done has resulted in the rise of Donald Trump.

The only way that things will change is for the people to come together and vote against those politicians that are not willing to compromise in order to get things done on behalf of the people.  The purpose of this site is to help people find a way to come together and build the strength to change the winds of political change.  It is time for the people to speak with one voice and change the climate in the government.  To start we can all find a way to vote early and then get others to do the same.  The extremists among us are counting on us all to stay away and not vote, but each of us can make a difference.